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About the Authors

There’s not a lot to say about the authors of the profiles except that they are genuinely interested in the people of India. They have spent several years living in India interviewing, collecting and organising this information. Whilst there may be inaccuracies (as many visitors have pointed out) it has been published with the intention to inform only.

About this site

The original purpose of this site was to simply publish the profiles and photos as a free resource to anyone who may be interested. Later we added features to allow visitors to leave comments. More recently we added other features to support the growing number of visitors that are genuinely interested in contributing to the quality and breadth of information published here.

Please consider registering as a member (free) and contributing articles, photos or just comments. Articles do not need to be lengthy – they could be as simple as a review of another website that contains useful/interesting information relevant to our users. We also want to see more personal stories so if you have one you’d like to share or read one online that we can link to that that would be most welcome.

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Mr Seshadeba Behera

Many statements given above are based on fabricated history which the british wrote for their imperial causes ,that too in connaivance of the Brahmin people who had abhorence for the Kalwars who belong to Haihay Clan of Soma Vamsha(lunar race) Go through The Vaishya Khondo Saha And Shoundika of Narayan Chandra Saha, available on website.


ALL The information in this website is 70% false.
It is Against upper caste so don’t read it…….

Shri Ram, Lucknow-9454468957

All pasis were landlords in medieval period in northern India. They had small kingdoms & faught bravely with Mughals and East India Company. They defeated from strong enemies. The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is in the name of Lakhana Pasi. The ruins of the forts is now available in Lucknow city. The history of this brave tribe is also ruined. In the British periods opponents defamed their glory and called them barbarous tribes and registered them as barbarous Tribes in the history. The bright history of this brave tribe is ruined by the then ruling people/ govern- ments to… Read more »

Mr Seshadeba Behera,Boudh, Odisha

Arise;Awake&Unite * Commentary on Baishya Khondo Saha And Sondika is a well researched book on Kalwar community people of Bengal by Narayan Chandra Saha. also provides much informative research evidences. It is primarily the Kuladevi/Kuladevata and Kulapuranas that tie people with affinity.This Community People in Odisha worship Goddess Tarinee, Shree Shree Suvarnagrahee (Ardhanareeswar> Adwaita Shiva>

abhishek srivastava

Our Vedas and Puran classified us according to responsibilities that we all had to fulfill for proper functioning of administration, Mugal and Britishers did the same but with a narrow view and specific purpose and get us under the solid boundries of perticular rituals and traditions that gradually became our identity but WHAT WE PEOPLE ARE DOING ? we just have bought ourself within the self made fence of being saprate form each other on the basis of cast, religion, language and many more benchmarks. And our rulers (politicians) are taking advantage of our diversity. the don’n let us feel… Read more »


Our Aim & Objects
The Bharatiya Khel Utthan Trust will help for Sports Promotion, Health, Education, Woman & Child Developement, Rural Developement and Charity.


The Bharatiya Khel Utthan Trust is conducting the tournaments, cultures & welfares programms to promote the grass roots players and childrens at the World level. We want to develop the interest of public in sports in every possible way and to promote amateurism among players and to take following steps for promoting, spreading and popularizing the various sports including cricket, athletics, kabaddi, football, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, golf, martial arts and all other sports recognized by the Government of India. Three times cricket tournament has already organized under the name of Kundan Cricket, now this time we… Read more »


all my relatives… am very happy to share with the movements. our community is SC list in most of the state but here in Tamilnadu state only our caste in MBC. there is the Big Problem to improve our peoples. so please organaise with our community in through out all India. i will join with movement. good luck.

Arun Basfore

i want to know about “Basfore” ….

vivek singh

i want to know more and more about shilpkar caste and sikligar caste.