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Regarding untouchab...
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Regarding untouchable and lowest caste

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I would like to add, that as in varna system  Dhobi caste was present in mythological ramayan times also. So, and presently in several state they have been granted the obc status .Andra pradesh, Maharashtra, haryana etc. But here they are mentioned untouchable and lowest caste  which is not correct in any sense. They perform washing of clothes in so called upper caste ,but without touching and preparing for collection it's is impossible so, kindly rectify the word untouchable which is purely malign their status. Rest ,their houses are in the proximity of other hindu caste. Unlike valmiki  chamar, jatav etc. Untouchable and lowest caste are wrong words to describe, they are in schedule caste in some state and obc in some states  correct the picture. They face semi -stigma, not complete stigma

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